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This move has presented us with many problems & interruptions but we have pushed ahead

looking forward to the end.  We have been closed since July 1st with no income

and no way to ship orders to our loyal customers.

We are packing the last of our office and loading our last truck.

We have been setting shelves and started to unpack tools and the warehouse is full and waiting

to get unpacked and everything organized on shelves.

Monday we will start to unpack and organize and we plan to start back in business for the

first of the new year.  We are sorry we could not fill orders during this time but we hope to

make up for it in the new year and we appreciate your patience. 

If you have open orders that were not filled on our site I will email for each one to see

if you want to cancel, keep or update the order.

We never planned on a move and it has been difficult but we are getting past it, staying in business

rather than shut down for good, and looking foward to our new start up.


We thank everyone for the understanding and patience.




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