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We will be adding all of our products for easier ordering and review of our product line.

Please use this site for all your ordering, we create each locket once they are ordered on this site.

We have all the parts in stock, you choose the locket, design and back of locket from the website.

The back of the locket can be plain or textured and only the textures available are offered on the site.

Since we manufacture in our building we have the ability to fill and complete your order quickly however

if there is any problem we will contact you so we can fill you order to your satisfaction.

Please keep in mind the lockets on this site are picture lockets, two sided, however the imagination of our customers

have used them many different ways.  Also the lockets on this site are raw brass and are not polished or finished in any way.

If you require the lockets to be finished use the contact us link above on our site and I will assist you.

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