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UPDATE ON MOVE--I will be using blog to post more updates--subscribe so you will not miss any!

Time for an update!

If you followed the blog you know how things have been going and yes I have not posted in the blog recently mostly because I have been working on decisions, trying to unpack etc.

As far as the unpacking goes, the last truck load was delivered two weeks ago which had pallets that I did not realize were on that truck so I am unpacking those now and organizing into what I already had unpacked and sorted on shelves.

There were also more tools which are now sitting on pallets on the floor as we build shelves for them.  As soon as the shelves are done and the tools are unpacked we will be able to unload the last truck that has our foot presses with tools on them that we need to actually create our items. 

There are a few of the larger power presses still in storage that we will get out but right now they are secure. 

Power presses are used to take the coils of material and "blank out" the shapes for the items that will then go to the foot presses to be formed and last go to be assembled as either a case or locket.  When we knew we had to move we tried to "blank out" what we could to get us over the move so once I get everything off the pallets and organized on the shelves and get our foot presses we can start to re-stock.

However there will be changes!!!!!

I have decided to change our web site and only post what is available and ready to ship rather than the old web site where our customers literally picked what they wanted and we made to order.  This way customers will know what we have in stock and ready to ship and we will be able to ship right away without waiting.  Customers can start to buy items and we can start to generate income to continue making the items.  Once we are past the unpacking and setting up phase we will start to make new parts to re fill our stock. 

Things are looking up and I will start to post new pictures on the blog and updates.

We thank everyone for the understanding and patience.


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