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I am adding a new section called "WHEN I'M GONE" as in the song meaning that when this quantity listed is gone there will be no more as the tools were sold.  Many of these are the findings which we have been in the process of phasing out for a few years.  Also there are some other items that we will not be producing for some time because of the move.  Be sure to read below for that informaton.

Please read the following information that will affect your ordering of lockets and cases.

Starting now we are in the process of moving to a new location which will be much

smaller than the space we currently occupy.

What this means to our customers is that it will affect orders in the next few months.

We manufacture to order and we do not keep inventory other than parts and we have

presses set up for each operation. During the moving process some of these presses

will not be available until they are moved and secured and once we finish the move

we will be in a much smaller space so we will not have all the presses set up as we do

now which means we will no longer be able to fill orders of small quantities and a

minimum quantity will be decided. To avoid any interruptions for our customers

we are advising to order now so that when the end of the summer approaches and

everyone is needing items for the busy holiday season you will be ready. If we drop

ship to a finisher for you perhaps just purchase the items and ship to the finisher when

you are ready to use the item. We are striving to do this as seamless as possible but

if anyone has every attempted this kind of move, well there will be issues.

I can respond to any questions via email “laura@eligroup.com” and I will respond

to any and all questions. Please no phone calls concerning this if possible as our

phones are not working properly and I want to be sure to respond to everyone.

Last year was a difficult time in this location as the building was under construction

and some days there was no power, no heat, etc. The new location, once we have

completed the move will be so much nicer and efficient.

Thanks for understanding and have a great summer!




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