Latest updates---
My first statement is a big thank you to our customers who have been so patient this year.
It has been a long and difficult year for us starting with my Dad taking ill on Christmas and passing away on January 3rd.  His absence in our lives and in our business is felt everyday but also we know is still there pushing us on!!
The next few months we drove back and forth from RI to Ct handling the tast of cleaning out his house and sorting what to keep and not keep.  We finally finished that in March.  And I think the relief of having it done took a toll on us and we both got sick with the virus or flu that was going around.  We recovered and started into a project that we planned on only taking a short time in the summer months when business is light but as many of you well know, construction of any kind never goes as planned.  Dealing with electricians, plumbers etc is a handful!!
During this project I injured my back and neck from too much shoveling and it had me knoced down for a few weeks but i am slowly recovering from that and starting to catch up.
Regretfully we are in the busy season and we have lost business and so hav some of our customers but I am trying to catch up and ship what we can as fast as we can get them made.
The email of "laura@eligroup.com" will no longer be in use as of Dec. 31st and the "sales@elilockets.com" replaces it.  Also the new site will be up and running for the first of the year and this site will disappear.  However I have a lot to do between now and then to get it all running properly.
Agan thanks for your support and we are looking forward to a better year in 2020 and a more normal one!!
We will continue to use Pay Pal for our payment processing.
We thank our customers for their patience and for working with us.
We have been able to ship orders and make lockets and hopefully we will have our
power presses up and running so we can make new parts.
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