About Us

2017 finds Eli Group celebrating 60 years in the business of creating
lockets, cases and findings.  We have been closed due to a forced move that ended up being a move done twice however we are getting past all the problems and making changes to the website. 

We have appeciated the patience and understanding of customers and we are working to get back to some kind of normal.
The owner of the company "Duke" has always been a hand's on person creating,
developing and producing the product line.
He earned his apprenticeship as a young man making tools for compacts when the ladies metal compact was in style in the 1930's and 1940's. When the plastic compact came into style he shifted his expertise of case making into the creation of lockets, which is a "mini" case. He is also gifted with an artistic ability that he has used to create the designs on all our items.
Eli has been the largest manufacturer of lockets and cases in the world! Our lockets and cases are mechanical and dimensional items that function with a catch and a hinge.

The creation of the findings line used for ladies and men's jewelry was a natural outgrowth due to the tooling ability of "Duke".
Eli Group's extensive line of unfinished merchandise includes lockets & cases and findings.
Eli Group welcomes the challenge of specializing and customizing the product line for customers. The entire product line is open to the imagination of our creative customers who purchase in the un-finished state and turn the items into a product totally unique to their style.
Duke just celebrated his 96th birthday!