Latest updates---
We have not been active on our web sites or in shipping orders the past weeks due to the passing
of my dad who retired in 2016 but was active with us in the business since 1957.
He was part of that great generation who worked hard and had talents which he used to create the tools to make the lockets and items we have continued to manufacture to you our great customers.  We were planning on having our new site up and I am currently working on it and hope to have it up and running in a few weeks.  The new site will allow me to post lots more information on it and I will post more about our company and my Dad on the new site.
We will continue to use Pay Pal for our payment processing.
We thank our customers for their patience and for working with us.
We have been able to ship orders and make lockets and hopefully we will have our
power presses up and running so we can make new parts.
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