Happy New Year!
We are making some changes to the payment method on our site.
We are switching to Pay Pal in place of the option to enter your credit card information.  Our site is still 100% protected by SSL certificate but we feel this is a little extra protection for all of us.
This software is a little older and the Pay Pal option has not been updated along with the shipping methods for the post office since there are now some better and more cost effective methods of shipping.  
When you are done shopping and have used your code you will only see one option for payment and that will say Print and Call.  
I will calculate the best shipping cost, add it to the order and then will send a money request through Pay Pal to you using your email.  You can still use your credit card with Pay Pal even if you don't have a Pay Pal account.
You can also register your credit card with Pay Pal again avoiding entering that information on the internet.
Some of our reasons for the change--You are not entering your credit card number all over the internet even though we are all paying for SSL certificates and if there are any issues Pay Pal will protiect both you are the customer and us and the shipper.  
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me and I will respond.  
Hopefully we will have the Pay Pal and the shipping working with the software as in our other site but meanwhile we will work this way.

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